Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm BACK baby! I'm back

Passion is a funny word. (No, this is not a Toolbag Tuesday. ha.)

The word often is used in a romantic, relationship-y way. 

...Or as the thing that makes New Orleans Hurricane drinks red (it, plus the word "fruit" behind it.)

Yet, the way I’m thinking of it is being passionate about something that you love, that you do with your life.

Some people love to knit (I actually saw a knitting group session at a coffee shop recently…everyone had baskets of yarn in their laps.)

Some people love to dance, like many of my friends in dance groups in New Orleans, who revel in on-point choreography and entertaining the masses.

Some people exercise and run marathons, some are musicians, actors, painters, gardeners, opera singers or really awesome at kickball.

The lucky ones, though, are the ones who get actual jobs doing something they're passionate about, and get paid in actual dollars.

And I would totally hate those people if I wasn’t one of them!!!! 


Today, friends, I started my first day as editor of a community weekly newspaper near New Orleans.

I hate MYSELF!

Just kidding. LOVE.

It was the most reassuring moment to walk into a familiar environment, one that I had worked in for six years before getting laid off, and finding that I fit right back in.

I wasn't even nervous (and I'm always nervous neurotic.) 

I mixed in right away, like stepping into a painting.

Without looking at the clock once, I laid out the paper, changed headlines, edited articles, planned for next week’s issue and started making a list of things I needed for my desk. It was satisfying.

I didn’t realize how much I needed it, this passion, and it felt good to feel fire again, the kind of fire that comes from dizzying unlimited potential.

As it goes...the (newsboy) (knit) hat fits.


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  1. Congratulations! There's nothing like getting paid for doing something you love to do!


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