Friday, July 23, 2010

The STUPID grass is always greener

I wish, I wish, I WISH I would have written down all the things that annoy me about my job here, because I can’t seem to remember now.

And, well, I REALLY need to remember now, because I’m moving home to New Orleans in two weeks (ahhhhhhh!) and this is my last day at work.

I smile and nod when people give me well-wishes, but my unbelievable excitement is being overpowered by how much I’m gonna miss it here in South Carolina.
Which isn’t helpful.

So, come on, BRAIN, let’s start remembering all the things that I bitched about for the past year!
Don’t you remember being so frustrated with life that you’d call your mom in tears? (only to be told to call back once I ate a sandwich.)

OK, come one now think, think, THINK…The drive to work! Yes! The grueling 40-minute drive each way that I made over the past two years, putting 50,000 miles on my car. Seriously.

Oh, and the horrible traffic that backs up EVERY hour of EVERY day in this small town.
(This is what happens when the town council votes for subdivision after subdivision over the past five years and doesn’t build any new roads. I’ve written about it for the newspaper extensively)

I won’t miss holidays here. No city parties like New Orleans, and I really don’t get why there isn’t a federal open container law. Also, every time more than 10 people gather anywhere here, the cops show up to “monitor.” Buzzkill!

But, there is something to be said for being super comfortable at work, and having a lot of friends here.
And I’m going to miss the beach and the marshes, because the bayou isn’t very swimmer-friendly.

I have two weeks left in South Carolina, and I can’t decide if I’m just sentimental or plain crazy because I suffer terribly from “grass is greener” disease.

I spent the last three years wanting to get back home to New Orleans, and now all I can do is think about how I’m going to miss it here. Stupid grass.

I hope people like me in New Orleans. People laugh when I say that because I’ve never met a stranger, but I won’t be with my twin sister, Joy, and I’m sorry, but I think people like twins better than single people.

OK, I won’t be single single. I do have a boyfriend in New Orleans, and I’m pretty sure HE likes me. And it will be nice to see him all the time.
And my mom, she likes me too.

But everyday here, I find something else I’m going to miss, and it’s really stupid things. Like the pizza place near my house. Or the karaoke bar we go to after kickball games. STUPID GRASS!

I want to properly thank South Carolina for being a generous host to me for the past 10 years. I went to school here, got a job here, met the best friends in the world here and even bought a house here.
(I’m certainly not done blogging about you, South Cackalacy!! Stay crazy.)

If someone had told me in January when I started this blog as my new year’s resolution, that I’d be blogging about moving home to New Orleans, I would have passed out from happiness.
Now I’m hyperventilating.

I will most likely cry when I load up all my work things into my car at the end of the day, all 200 or so newspapers that had my name on the front page.

But a bright spot: I have a whole week off to pack and move, which is the longest I’ve gone without working since I got a job post-college.
I made a bucket list of things I want to do before I leave, all the places I want to eat, bands I wanna dance to again.

I know I’ll be back plenty, but it still kills me a little. South Carolina took a piece of my heart, Janis Joplin style.
Joy's gonna have to hold down the fort until I return.

She can cut our grass.



  1. You're going to love being back in NOLA! I know how hard it is to leave a place you've grown use to, but trust me YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE BEING BACK IN NOLA! Let's be sure to run into each other soon after you move back!

  2. all i can say is : ( BUT i am surely coming to visit in nola now!! can u please share your bucket list?


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