Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hungover and hungry (and having fun with the online thesaurus)

It’s not easy figuring out what to buy to eat when you’re hungover and have an entire grocery store at your disposal.

Especially if you just got paid on Friday, so you can afford to buy the fancy cheese or the cookies and cream ice cream or the extravagant already-made Betty Crocker mashed potatoes.

I chose guacamole.

It only took me four minutes in the grocery store, a pleasant surprise.
My finicky taste buds had decided on guacamole and that was that. (It may have had something to do with the new Top Chef I watched this morning).

I bought two avocados, a powdery guacamole mix (extra spicy) and tortilla chips on sale. Under five dollars.

And, well, I’m happy to report that it was incredibly satisfying. Satiating! Quenching! (I put the word “satisfying” into the online thesaurus. It’s been a lazy day.)

I was afraid when I woke up this morning that I’d have one of those hangovers where nothing would make me feel good, food wise.
Have you ever had that feeling, mom? Haha just kidding.

But, no really, some hangovers just sit with you all day, and no matter how greasy the hamburger, not matter how icy the water, no matter how many strawberries are in the smoothie, nothing works. It’s positively frustrating.

But, I didn’t have one of those hangovers today. No, I laid out on the couch this a.m. and had a perfect vision of guacamole, with fresh avocados and I made it a reality.
It only took ten minutes between the couch, grocery store, kitchen, and then back to the couch.

And that was pretty much my entire day. I also managed to clean some dishes from the weekend, push the vacuum around and watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on ABC Family. (I don’t remember it being a musical. I fell asleep during “Cheer up Charlie.”)

I know it was lazy, but I needed a day of rest after (earmuffs, mom) going out every night since Wednesday. (There was a lot going on.)

Justification: I’m on vacation for the next week-and-a-half until I pack up and move my life to New Orleans, and I’ve also not been sleeping well, due to… packing up and moving my life to New Orleans in the next week-and-a-half. Catnaps on the couch were necessary.

Tomorrow, I will work on a plan for the next two weeks. I will call someone to fix my personal laptop (I will miss this work-issued Macbook more than some co-workers). I will mail off the electric bill. I will swim laps. I will get off the couch.

But, today was a full day of rest. The online thesaurus would say that it hit the spot, humored me, indulged me, made me merry, made the grade. It also mollified, pacified, placated, propitiated and quenched.

It was perfect. The only thing that could have made it better would be a (white) chocolate river and lollipops for bushes. And a never-ending gobstopper. There's always that 24-hour grocery store nearby…


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