Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Soup-er Bowl

I already went to the Superbowl last Thursday. It was delicious. 

This souperbowl, in typical New Orleans fashion, was a gumbo cookoff at a bar called Tracey’s uptown. Ten gumbos were put on a table and anyone at the bar could taste them and vote on first, second and third place.

Free gumbo! Ten free gumbos!

Man, I love gumbo.
(haha Chinese takeout rice. Just noticed that.)

The chefs’ identities were kept a secret; instead the post-it notes next to each pot simply listed the main ingredients, like rabbit or alligator. (Yea New Orleans!)

My favorite (Number 10) was the okra gumbo. I personally think all gumbo should have okra in it, but that’s the great thing about gumbo – so many variations.

There was chicken and sausage gumbo, seafood gumbo, tasso ham and crab gumbo, rabbit gumbo and SIX more lined up next to pots of rice.

“This is real gumbo, brah,” my friend Meredith said after tasting an alligator, rabbit and sausage one.

We imagined it was made in a small, rural town, hours away from New Orleans. The roux (roux!) was so dark and maroon, it looked like BBQ sauce.

It was hard coming up with the top three, well, no, coming up with third place.

I had a clear first and second place and everything else tied for my third favorite. I eventually voted for an alligator one, because that’s an impressive ingredient.

It was a nice little Thursday.

I hope you, too, find yourself surrounded by delicious food this Superbowl Sunday.

I will be going to a chili cookoff later, so I will technically have two souperbowls under my belt (literally! ha) before kickoff even happens.



Bring a spoon.


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