Thursday, May 3, 2012

Girls eating BBQ

Girls are perfectly capable of doing anything men can do, and that includes grilling pieces of meat on a grill.

This was the premise for seven of us girls getting together last night: girls cooking meat over hot coals.

And we totally SUCCEEDED, thankyouverymuch, and cooked those hot dogs and blue cheese hamburgers to perfection.

(No one wore heels.)

Now, before you (boys) get all, “oh, but hot dogs are already cooked, so, heated them up???,” business, I can tell you that there’s a very fine line between crispy hot dogs with lines of black marks on them and charred. And ours weren’t charred.

But that’s not to say the BBQ wasn’t riddled with girly-ness.

In fact, we joked repeatedly throughout the evening about how, if it were seven dudes having a BBQ, the menu, conversation and activities would be very different.

The first thing we noticed when we all walked in (late, of course. Fashionably) was that everyone brought vegetables. Haha. Women.

The invite said to “bring things to throw on the grill,” and we all interpreted this as vegetables. 

(It reminded me of our Mexican-themed girls party last year when we All. Brought. Guacamole.)

Now, I’m not saying that boys don’t eat vegetables, but these vegetables were particularly girly.

Like parsnips and brussel sprouts. 
Serioulsy. Parsnips.

And carrots (good for the eyes!!) Asparagus. Cumin-dusted squash.

(There was also corn on the cob, which is totally a gender-neutral vegetable.)

So, there we were, sitting at the small kitchen table “family meal”-ing all of our delicious vegetables when we realized that we had yet to put any actual meat on the grill.

“Should I start making patties?” asked the host, pouring more wine. (WINE! Boxes and boxes of wine!! Take that fellas! We fancy.)

“Yes,” we said. “And put some hot dogs on, too.” (They were beef hot dogs. And kosher.)

It was then that someone busted out TOFU and talapia for the grill.

Would boys EVER bring tofu to a BBQ? Hahahaha

(And, no, the tofu wasn’t very good. Even smothered in BBQ sauce.)

The girly-ness continued even after the meat was cooked. When the hot dogs were done being heated cooking, we each took a little piece and made a toast with them.

Yes, a wiener toast. With mustard.

 Well, hello ladies.

There was also a discussion about different yoga studios, which would never, ever, ever, be a conversation seven guys would have.

And let’s not forget the pull-up bar.

There is a pull-up bar in the kitchen doorway of the host’s house and we all took turns trying to do ONE pull-up.

And OMG. None of us could do it. Not one. We're not boys after all.

We even tried getting a boost with a kitchen stool. Didn’t help. 
Hahahaha it was hilarious.

I'm gonna blame our poor athleticism on the wine.

(Well, the host could do ten, because it’s her pull-up bar, and she’s in nauseatingly good shape. We shunned her after.)

Just kidding.

Once the meal was over and we were properly stuffed with as many vegetables as possible, we decided it was high time for some frozen yogert at Pinkberry, which was two blocks away.

So the seven of us made the trek to go get super girly desserts like “pomegranate yogurt” with fresh fruit and gummi bears. (nothing manly about that.)

But, like I’ve said before, it was one of those times where I was glad to be amongst girl friends and relax and laugh and gossip and enjoy a juicy hamburger without a man in sight.

Because girls are perfectly capable of doing anything men can do.

Well, except pull-ups...


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