Wednesday, December 22, 2010

26 things you didn’t know about me

My twin sister, Joy, got me an US Weekly subscription for Christmas last year (best present ever!!!) and there’s this feature where they have celebrities write out “25 things you don’t know about me” lists and sometimes you learn things like how Nicole Kidman “gets the best sleep on planes” or that Kristen Davis has been off the sauce for 10 years.

Today, I’m going to list 26 things you didn’t know about me, because the "25 things" is totally US Weekly's deal and, more importantly, I can’t edit the list down anymore.

1.) I could literally watch the TV show The Office all day every day on repeat and still be entertained.

2.) I have a freckle on my right big toe and when I bend it, it looks like an elephant with a freckle eye.

3.) My college graduation was the best day of my life.

4.) Think about someone you know who is horrible at directions. I’m worse.

5.) If I ever have a daughter, I will name her Joy.

6.) My favorite beers come in green bottles

7.) I had a pet box turtle when I was little, and he ran away. His name was Roadrunner.

8.) I am fascinated by trains, yet have never ridden on one.

9.) I have distinct memories from pre-school, I don’t know if that’s normal.

10.) My favorite color is light grass green.

11.) I get really nervous when my car gas light comes on.

12.) I’m allergic to mushrooms.

13.) Almost every relationship I’ve been in has been long-distance at some point.

14.) My mom really hates Toolbag Tuesday

15.) I could have been a collegiate gymnast had I wanted it more.

16.) I was bitten in the face by a yellow lab when I was six.

17.) My childhood best friend who I haven’t seen in a decade told me this year over dinner that I’d always pretend to be the newspaper reporter when we’d play.

18.) My older brother told me when I was five years old that Santa Claus didn’t exist and I was truly devastated.

19.) For two years, Joy and I told our mom that our tattoos were Henna…and that we kept getting them redone.

20.) I’m a world champion jumproper. My elementary school team won fifth place in the 1994 Junior World Olympics. Joy and I did back flips into double dutch ropes and the finale included us jumproping on our butts. (I can — and still do — this trick at parties)

21.) I want to see a whale in the wild and travel to Canada before I die.

22.) I think Amsterdam is the most beautiful city I have ever been and actually looked into how I could live there permanently. (FYI: You have to prove to the government that you can provide a service that no Amsterdam-born person can provide…like make a good falafel).

23.) I think Folly Beach, SC, is paradise

24.) I am really good at naming cats. Shout out to Spinach and Marbles wherever you are.

25.) I am genuinely surprised that I made it this far in life with all ten fingers and ten toes still intact.

26.) I needed to get stitches in Tennessee on a family trip and the hospital wouldn’t take me because I am not an Indian, and we were on a reservation.


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