Friday, December 4, 2015

Tears of Joy

The bottom line is that there isn’t anything I can say that could be profound enough to mark this momentous occasion.

Not in a Facebook status, not to co-workers who ask me where the H I’ve been for the past week, or anyone else who asks me “how’s it going?” when they hear that my twin sister is getting married tomorrow.


Come again?!?!??



My best friend in the whole world!!!

How can I possibly put this into words?

What can I say about something so magnificent and life-changing, about how perfectly life works sometimes?

Ok, I’ll try.

The most touching thing I've witnessed from observing Joy and Daniel is that they bring out the very best version of themselves to each other.

It's not to show off or anything. It's because that's the version of themselves they see when they look into the other's eyes.


And you don’t want to let someone down by not being you.


OK, so THAT did NOT make it into the speech I’m going to give tomorrow night.


(Cue the violins)

Here’s my real speech:

For those who have known Joy and I since...oh, one year old...know that we often get into these giggling fits.

It’s very exclusive giggling fits, episodes that can only come from an incredibly strong connection with a best friend, where a quick glance at each other following something as subtle as a “word’ pronounced funny by someone can trigger an identical emotion of pure hilarity and joy that things like etiquette and manners just go right out the window.

you both find the same thing funny that no one else does.

Our own world where we just get tickled by something, a shared world that no one else understands.

I always knew that when Joy got lucky enough to find someone to laugh with her like that, he’d be a keeper.

Laughing, especially shared uncontrolled giggling. The kind of laughing people on the outside raise their eyebrows and look uncomfortable as you start crying from the laughter. It’s a true sign of having a special connection.

I first noticed that connection with Daniel, when I moved back to Charleston from New Orleans two years ago. Where I’d see them sneak glances at each other and crack up laughing without saying a word.

It is always the things you notice about a couple when they don’t think their being noticed that shows you they are a perfect fit. Like being extra thoughtful by cleaning his coffee mug in the morning, or offering to drive them to the bus every morning, hahaha even in a wedding rehearsal, where they automatically, natural held hands without any prompt, asking a few minutes later, “Wait, is this OK? Is this how we’re supposed to stand?”

It’s that ease and comfortableness that makes me so happy that Joy and Daniel are now man and wife, and will do these things for the rest of their lives.
I remember when Joy started referring Daniel to the man she wants to marry. (There wasn’t a giggling fit then)

And, in addition, to all the things that are obvious to everyone here today: How Joy and Daniel bring out the best in each other. Because the best version of themselves is the version that they see in each other’s eyes.

I would also like to add that remember thinking that Daniel would make Joy happy for the rest of her life, simply by way of laughter. Inside joke, uncontrollable riduciolus laihging. Even laughing alone just envisioning your best friend there Can’t wait to home and tell a story so you can laugh about it twice.

I hope you giggle on forever, inapproparite laugher in a huge room of people where you have to pinch yourself to snap out of it.

Where you know that no matter what life will give you and throw you, you can crawl up and remember a funny moment, repeat that word
And I love you.

DUH I’m not giving it all away here!

But I did want to drop a note to everyone in the internet space that JOY’S WEDDING IS TOMORROW!!!!!

And it’s going great. 

It’s been a week-long whirlwind of family and love and wine and laughter. As usual.

I already cried like a baby when Joy walked down the aisle at rehearsal yesterday...(wait for it)...tears of Joy.

Because it's the happiest I've ever been.


Happy (almost) December 5, ya’ll!!!!!!!!

What a wonderful world.


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