Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why people shouldn’t compare the Saints’ penalty to Hurricane Katrina

I just Googled “bad comparisons” to come up with a more thoughtful way to describe the idiots who are comparing the Saints’ penalty to Hurricane Katrina.

All I could find was the word “ill.”

An “ill-conceived” comparison? An “ill-logical” comparison?


(For those of you who don’t know, Saints players and coaches have admitted to participating in a “bounty” system, where they were essentially paid out of a pool of money if they injured players from other teams and/or took them out of the game.)

It’s all the rage on Facebook.

As punishment, head coach Sean Payton has been suspended without pay for a year, the team lost draft picks and we owe the NFL half a million dollars.

Man, it sucks getting bitchslapped.

But to quote local TV news anchor Sally Ann Roberts as a call for unity: After Katrina when we were down on our knees, we pulled together as a a team.”

B***, Please.
What a stupid analogy.

After Katrina, New Orleanians were UP to their knees in water, asking why this happened, what stroke of fate led this storm to annihilate the city that did nothing to deserve it, other than our coordinates on a map.

New Orleans didn’t do anything wrong. We had a stroke of bad fortune paired with a perfect storm.

The Saints on the other hand....OK nobody throw things at me...DID do something wrong.
Am I the only person on Facebook who will admit to this? (P.S. this does not make me any less of a fan.)

I mean, when someone in my kickball league hits someone in a moment of rage, they get suspended for a game or more.

When I was caught cheating on a Spanish test in high school, I got an F.

Everyone gets a copy of the rules.

So, what exactly are we New Orleanians supposed to “pull together as a team” in post-Katrina fashion to rebuild here?

Our team’s roster????


I mean it sucks, but this isn’t a tragedy. And I don’t think we should be told to feel as if the NFL robbed us of something as meaningful as what Katrina took away. Despite suspending the coach, we still have a team. We still have a season.

The Saints are getting punished for doing something wrong. Something they knew was wrong.

Instead of conjuring up powerful, raw feelings of the injustice and helplessness we felt after Katrina, a better message, SALLY ANN ROBERTS (and others), would be to just tell people to still be fans EVEN THOUGH THEY EFFED UP, just like my mom is still a fan of me even though I was caught cheating (lo siento).

I mean, I'm still a fan of my friend even though she got a DUI recently.

That was “ill”-legal, too.



  1. Well put Jenny. I completely agree. But I'm expecting the same punishment for other teams that did the exact same thing. Granted I live here therefore I'm gonna hear more about Saints "getting bitchslapped" than other teams but I'm hearing nothing about other teams that also participated in these heinous bounty programs and as I understand most of the teams in the NFL were just as guilty. So what gives? Why do the Saints seem to be the sacrificial lambs?


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