Friday, November 4, 2011

That's what she said!! (Surprise party edition)

I was so nervous I was gonna blow it.
Uh, the surprise party that is.

Have you ever been a part of throwing someone a surprise party?
Where you have to, uh, KEEP the surprise??

...And the person you have to keep the surprise from is someone you hang out with almost everyday???

Let me tell you, NOT blowing it is hard.

Especially if you’re tasked with BRINGING the person you’re surprising to the party.


Tasked with bringing TWO people who were getting a JOINT surprise birthday party to the party!!!


This was me last Friday night: trying to act all casual and NOT spill the beans to TWO people that…OMG there are 50 people including your parents in a room with the lights off waiting to yell SURPRISE!!! the second we all walk into the local rum distillery for a "tour."

When the birthday girls said that everyone was going on a distillery tour and did I want to come? I was all nonchalant about it.

Really?? There? OK, I guess it could be fun I said, as if I didn’t know for weeks that this was happening. I suggested we get happy hour drinks beforehand (as planned).

And then, once we got there (after ferociously updating via text, “on the way” “one minute away” “parking now bitches!!!”)

...I had to deliberately walk uh, slower than I normally walk into the distillery so that both birthday girls would walk up ahead.

I didn’t want them to waste the good surprise on me. Ha.

Another one of my tasks?
Make a six-foot long banner!

This thing was money, y’all

But, really, my job was easy in comparison to everyone else.

While I was busy succeeding at being super nonchalant, other friends had to pick up kegs of beer, make rum punch, make all the food, bring all the food to the distillery and set up the food warmers under the pans.

And bring costumes for us so we could change into them once the surprise was revealed.
And hang my bomb-ass banner.
And hang a piñata.

Oh and set up sound equipment for our friends' band to play. Because what surprise party wouldn’t be complete without a band???

And it was totally worth it.

I didn’t realize during the logistical planning of the whole thing that I would be able to see it from the birthday girls’ point of view.

It was almost like it was a surprise party for me too!!!

And DAMN... It was awesome. The most gratifying surprise party ever.

Thrown for two of the best people I’ve ever met, one who had just gone through a rough patch and really needed a room full of loving faces screaming SURPRISE!!!

There were actual tears.

Thank GOD I didn’t blow it.


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