Monday, August 30, 2010

Bar trivia

The best bar trivia question I ever heard was, “What female farm animal is called a Jenny?”

“I KNOW THIS!!” I shouted. (Like I haven’t Googled my own name.)

Smiling, I took a piece of paper from the middle of the table and wrote the word “DONKEY” on it and raced to turn it in to the trivia host.

It was my moment of glory, even if it was a bit embarrassing.

Hey everyone! If you look up my name in the dictionary you’ll see a picture of a donkey!

But, my name served me well that Friday afternoon. Because, if I wasn’t sitting at the table that day at that very moment, my team wouldn’t have gotten the right answer.

They told me later they would have written “sheep.”

Being the only one to know the right answer is the most gratifying part of bar trivia for me. I like being needed. (I may have insecurity issues, haha)

Unfortunately, no one needed me at bar trivia last week.

It was my first time playing trivia in New Orleans and the only answer I knew, someone else on the team knew, too, so it didn't matter that I knew it.

The question was who played the devil in the movie Bedazzled.


Sadly, that was a correct statement. Unlike my vast knowledge of Elizabeth Hurley, the other questions were about Louisiana history and the New Orleans Saints.

“Just put Reggie Bush down for every answer,” I told my friend, Nicole.

Thankfully, our boyfriends were also playing on our team and knew a lot about both the Saints and Louisiana history so our team wasn’t a complete failure.

It wasn't as easy as the bar trivia that my twin sister, Joy, and I used to play after work almost every Friday in South Carolina.

We’d send mass text messages to our friends asking them to join us. (Especially our geology friends, history buff friends and sports fanatic friends. They were useful.)

Usually, we’d get drunk less smart by the time the game ended, and never actually won the first place $30 bar tab prize.

(Once, I was in a three-way tie for second place and needed to chug and entire PBR the fastest, and got more on my shirt than in my mouth. Uh, loser.)

In the grand scheme of bar trivia, the one in South Carolina was the easiest I've ever played.
Rather than ask political questions or sports draft pick questions, they had a popular “either/or” category, where the host would say a name, and you’d have to guess if it was the name of a My Little Pony or a porn star.

(Hint: The ones that sound like porn star names are really My Little Pony names. Like Cherries Jubilee.)

But, there were no pony/porn star names at the trivia in New Orleans, which was unfortunate.

Also unfortunate? That my boyfriend had to see that I had NO BRAINS WHATSOEVER when it comes to reciting our state’s history.

Actually, I don't have brains when it comes to any kind of history.

(What exactly was the Battle of the Bulge?? Wait, I thought we were off porn star names. haha Earmuffs mom.)

I've actually learned quite a few things from bar trivia. Tons and tons of useless knowledge I have stored away until I'm asked to recite it again. The movie quotes, the Boys II Men album names, the Saved By the Bell Trivia.
I'm really hoping it comes in handy one day.

such as:

- the cult people that all drank the funny kool-aid in Waco, Texas wore NIKES

- The largest Swiss army knife has 225 tools

- Passion fruit makes a New Orleans hurricane cocktail red

- When the hockey puck goes across the ice without anyone touching it, it’s called icing (not “table scratch,” which was my drunk less smart guess)

- Pinkie Pie is a My Little Pony.


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