Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's resolutions

I've never kept a New Year's resolution.
Come to think of it, I've never given up something for Lent for the entire 40 days, either.
Wait, that sounds bad...does this make me a quitter?
Maybe I fail because I've made fly-by resolutions in the past that are impossible to follow through on, or I get waaay too busy to plant an entire vegetable garden in my yard...oh, wait, have you heard those excuses before?
You know those "tips" magazine writers give you for ways to keep resolutions? Tips like "be realistic" and "track your goals?"
Well, by February last year my realistic goal to "go to the gym everyday" was being tracked by another mid-morning scewdriver at Mardi Gras. ha.
Come to think of it, being from New Orleans, I have found it hard to maintain "healthy" resolutions through February (I blame King Cake).
As for Lent, the only thing I've been able to give up successfully is bunt cake, because no one ever offers you bunt cake, which makes it an easy dish to give up. Unless you are a wedding planner I guess.

Well, this year, Internet, I am aiming to change my pattern of failed resolutions!! I have decided to start a blog! Have you heard of this little thing called a "blog?" It's very 2010, I hear.
(Seriously, some people have made blogs for their dogs: "Monday. Ate grass. Tuesday. Pooped.")

My idea is to have a life/humor blog and regularly update it. The goal, or resolution, if you will, is to write more for fun.
See, my job is to write for a newspaper — which I throughly enjoy — but transcribing council members' quips and voting records and campaign finance reports isn't as, how would you say it, as creative as writing about different types of hangovers. ha
I mean, I do get to write about the occasional large shark tooth found in a neighborhood backyard or the man who turned his underground pool into a vegetable garden (which I will probably work into this blog because, damn, that's a lot of dirt!!)
I also live quite a social life as a 26-year-old living in Charleston, South Carolina with an identical twin sister. Oh, I got stories. Pictures too!

Ok! Resolution started! FIST PUMP! I feel better already. I'm really going to try and keep this one, too. I took some "tips" from the fine people at www.ehow.com, and have rationalized why this resolution will STICK:

1.) Aim low. My goal to write two entries a week. I hope Facebook doesn't miss me.

2.) Don't overload yourself. Ok, I will write one entry a week.

3.) Tell everyone you know. I have. Can you please tell everyone you know?

4.) Reward yourself. I will give myself one cupcake a month for regularly updating this blog. Other reward ideas encouraged.

5.) Wait until spring. HA! Sounds like they're on the Mardi Gras resolution train, too!



  1. This is going to be hilarious if you actually keep up with it. I usually hate people's blogs, but if you write one, I will probably piss myself however many times a week you write for it.

    Love, your friend,


  2. Hooray!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! Jenny has a blog!!!

  3. this is long overdue, jane magazine here you come.

  4. So glad that you are finally doing it! I will look forward to this blog every week.


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